Jobs In Canada For Immigrants

As an immigrant, you will not be short of jobs to do in each province of Canada. If you are dual lingual, then your chances of getting a job are broadened, thanks to your qualification to work in Quebec.

What Jobs Can I Find To Move To Canada?

You have several options for work when you get to Canada. It all depends on your qualifications. Some of the jobs in Canada for immigrants include but are not limited to:

  • Care Assistant Jobs In Canada

Healthcare is a crucial part of Canada’s well-being, and the government puts a lot of effort to see that the citizenry gets proper attention. For this reason, care assistants are in high demand.

Prior experience in this field is crucial and will get you a job in only a short while. Opportunities available include nursing, being a medical doctor, caring for adults with certain disabilities, and other caregiving responsibilities.

Qualifications include a degree or diploma in healthcare

  • The First Aid with CPR is imperative in this sector. If you already have one, you will stand a better chance at immediate employment than if you have to take a course for it while already in Canada.
  • A police certificate for the country you are from and for Canada. This requirement is also essential and may be the difference between you getting the job and not.
  • A valid driving license. These requirements apply to all provinces.
  • Menuiserie Quebec Immigration

Coming from a Francophone country or simply being fluent in French makes you a ripe candidate for carpentry in Quebec. The remuneration is good, and you will have added benefits and bonuses.

The requirements for carpentry are not exceptionally high. You will need a high school diploma and another in carpentry, but the most important aspect will be your skills and experience in the job. The usual requirement such as a valid driving license and work permit will apply.

You will undoubtedly need to be fluent in French.

  • Driver Canada Job

There are plenty of driver jobs in Canada for foreigners, and all you need to prove is that you comprehend and follow traffic rules. You will need a valid driver’s license and be fluent in English. French will be an added advantage especially if you plan to work in Quebec.

There seems to be a crunch for truck drivers with years of experience, which is what the labor market is looking to fill.

Canada Work Visa Requirements

To get any Canada jobs, you will need a work visa, seeing that you are not a permanent resident. The authorities will mostly only require a job offer letter from the employer.


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